Catch up growth in rehabilitation phase

Feeding for catch up growth

Catch-up diet is started to rebuild wasted tissues once the child is stabilised. (Recipe in annexure 13) Catchup diet contains more calories and protein: 100 kcal and 2.9 g protein per 100 ml. During this phase there is rapid weight gain. The required daily amount for each child can be calculated using Catch-up diet Reference Chart

  • Change to catch-up diet: For 2 days, replace starter formula with the same amount of catch-up diet ;on the next day increase each feed by 10ml until some feed remains uneaten.
  • Give 8 feeds over 24 hours. These can be 5 feeds of catch-up diet and 3 specially modified family meals, high in energy and protein.
  • Encourage the child to eat as much as possible, so the child can gain weight rapidly. If the child is finishing everything, offer more and increase subsequent feeds. Make sure that the child is actively fed.
  • Weigh daily and plot weight.

Note: Children with SAM require Starter diet (also called F-75 diet) followed by catch-up diet (also called F-100) for promotion of weight gain as well as functional and immunological recovery. F-75 and F-100 refers to the specific combination of calories proteins, electrolytes and minerals that should be delivered to children with SAM as per WHO guidelines made available for this purpose. These diets can be prepared using locally available products as per recipes given in