Treatment of hypothermia

Take temperature(Preferably using a low-reading thermometer; range 29°C – 42°C)

If axillary temperature is below 35°C OR Rectal temperature is below 35.5°C

  • Start feeding immediately(or start rehydration if needed).
  • Re-warm. Put the child on the mother’s bare chest (skin to skin contact: kangaroo technique) and cover them, OR clothe the child including the head, cover with a warmed blanket and place a heater or lamp nearby.
  • Remove wet clothing/bedding
  • Feed 2-hourly (12 feeds in 24 hours).
  • Treat hypoglycaemia,
  • Give 1st dose of antibiotics

Monitor during re-warming

  • Take temperature every two hours: stop re-warming when it rises above 36.50C
  • Take temperature every 30 minutes if heater is used

If rectal temperature < 32°C >>> Treat for Severe Hypothermia

  • Give warm humidified oxygen.
  • Give 5 mL/kg of 10% dextrose IV immediately or 50 ml of 10% dextrose by nasogastric route (if intravenous access is difficult).
  • Provide heat using radiation (overhead warmer), or conduction (skin contact) or convection (heat convector). Avoid rapid rewarming , monitor temperature every 30 minutes
  • Give warm feeds immediately, if clinical condition allows the child to take orally, else administer the feeds through a nasogastric tube. Start maintenance IV fluids (prewarmed), if there is feed intolerance/contraindication for nasogastric feeding.
  • Rehydrate using warm fluids immediately, when there is a history of diarrhea or there is evidence of dehydration.
  • Start intravenous antibiotics

Do not use hot water bottles due to danger of burning fragile skin.