Discharge Criteria

Criteria for discharge

  • Discharge criterion for all infants and children is 15 % weight gain and no signs of illness.
  • This should be achieved through facility based care in NRC when community based programme is not in place.

Discharge from Nutrition Rehabilitation Centre


  • Oedema has resolved
  • Child has achieved weight gain of > 15% (See Annexure 19 for target weight at 15% weight gain) and has satisfactory weight gain for 3 consecutive days (>5 gm/kg/day)
  • Child is eating an adequate amount of nutritious food that the mother can prepare at home
  • All infections and other medical complications have been treated
  • Child is provided with micronutrients
  • Immunization is updated


  • Knows how to prepare appropriate foods and to feed the child
  • Knows how to give prescribed medications, vitamins, folic acid and iron at home
  • Knows how to make appropriate toys and play with the child
  • Knows how to give home treatment for diarrhoea, fever and acute respiratory infections and how to recognise the signs for which medical assistance must be sought
  • Follow-up plan is discussed and understood

Where community based programme is well functioning, child can be transferred from facility based care to community based care for achieving target weight gain of 15%, based on the following criteria :

  • Child has completed antibiotic treatment
  • Has good appetite (eating at least 120-130 cal/kg/day)
  • Has good weight gain (of at least 5g/kg/day for three consecutive days) on exclusive oral feeding
  • No oedema
  • Caretakers sensitized to home care and education has been completed
  • Immunisation is up-to-date

If the child has not recovered in four months s/he is classified as a “Non-Responder”.

Failure to Respond

Criteria Approximate time after admission
Failure to regain appetite Day 4
Failure to start to lose oedema Day 4
Oedema still present Day 10
Failure to gain at least 5 g/kg/day for 3 successive days after feeding freely on Catch-up diet.